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In keeping with Starting Points’ mission of fostering an understanding of the principles of the American political tradition, we have created a new venue to give publicity to the exciting scholarly work being done in American political thought across disciplines. What’s New is a resource dedicated to keeping up with the latest published articles and books from a variety of journals and presses.

This resource will serve a number of important purposes. For authors, it will provide instant additional publicity for their newly published work, directly reaching a large audience of those most likely to be interested in reading it. For scholars, it will serve as a single, go-to place to obtain a quick and informed sense of the scholarly landscape on particular subjects and across disciplines.

Research in American topics is becoming ever more interdisciplinary. Despite this trend, scholars often remain steeped in the literatures of their particular disciplines, sometimes unaware of literatures in other disciplines that may speak directly to their subject of inquiry. What’s New will make it easy for scholars in one discipline to become aware of the recent work that has been done in other disciplines in their area of interest, thereby improving and advancing scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of American political thought.

And finally, What’s New will be a gateway for readers to learn and benefit from the accumulated wisdom of the excellent scholars working to further our collective understanding of the American political tradition.

You can take a look at What’s New here. The included articles and books will be updated regularly, so please do feel free to alert us to your recently published work or apprise us of any possible omissions (editor@startingpointsjournal.com).

What’s New

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